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Trevor sealy (Bajan Eagle) - Managing director

from the Managing director

I welcome you to On Eagles Wings Inc., we are the company with services that soar. We are a team of professionals dedicated to giving you the very best service and we always bring our “A” game to the job.

Our emphasis is on providing the best quality workmanship with a goal to continually improve on what we did the day before.

Email: thsealy@oneagleswings.ws 


To enhance the life of others by the giving of our God given talents to the best of our ability.

Our Business values

Eagles soar above situations and see solutions from a higher perspective

Eagles will be there for you when you need them

Eagles are happy only when you are satisfied

Eagles tell you exactly what the position is and not what they think you want to hear

Eagles first focus is on getting the job done well

Eagles never give up on a job until it is completed

Eagles will keep you informed

Eagles associate with Eagles

Eagles can be trusted

Eagles Care