These registration guidelines must be followed by Realtors that register names of clients with On Eagles Wings Inc. (OEW):

  1. You must be a licensed Real Estate Agent, Company, Agency and/or Broker to register with OEW.
  1. You must register the client’s name with OEW as soon as the client shows interest in selected property. This must occur before first visit.
  1. OEW will not register or pay a referral fee to a Realtor or agency for clients that make contact with our office first, or before any Realtor contact is made with OEW.
  1. Realtor will receive a copy of these registration guidelines before or at the time of registration so that our mutual understanding is clear.
  1. OEW shall keep Realtor informed as to the status of the working relationship between buyer (client) and seller.
  1. If OEW registers a buyer with Realtor, he/she shall keep OEW informed as to the status of the working relationship between buyer (client) and Seller.
  1. In the event a buyer is willing to convert to a purchase that is referred to OEW by two or more different Realtors, OEW will only pay Realtor designated by buyer. In no event will split fees be paid by OEW.
  1. Registration of a client will expire after sixty (60) days. Realtor has the option to re-register client after expiry period passes.
  1. Commission will not be paid on any property/home/land sale that does not meet the above requirements.
  1. All commission payments will take place at closing. Seller’s Attorney will be instructed by OEW at time of submission of offer and acceptance documentation, to prepare cheques to OEW AND realtor that registered the Buyer. Also, for transparency in this process, a copy of said documents will be sent to the realtor.

The above must be reviewed and accepted as the agreed upon terms (by email confirmation, using business email only).


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