Property Types and Scope of Services offered:

We manage houses, apartments, condos, and land (open spots). The following services are available to ensure that properties are kept in mint condition. 

  • Payment of monthly bills. Standard rates
  • Taking calls regards to concerns our matters needing attention by tenants. Standard rates
  • Plumbing Services (Installation and Maintenance)
  • Electrical Services (Installation and Maintenance)
  • IT/Network Services (Installation and Maintenance)
  • Security and Fire Alarm Services (Installation and Maintenance)
  • Solar Water Heater Services (Installation and Maintenance)
  • Roofers (Installation and Maintenance)
  • Painting and Tiling
  • Property Water BackUp Services (Tanks and pumps)

Charges/Rates Applied to Noted Services (BBD):

On Eagles Wings Inc (OEW) standard rate is 15% plus VAT (17.5%) /mth and this is applied to the rental revenue for the property. The minimum rate charged is $225.00 plus VAT /mth ($112.50 /mth USD). For properties that are unoccupied, the rate is 12% plus VAT on the projected rental revenue (if the property is placed on the rental market).

Should a property require maintenance or repair work, On Eagles Wings Inc will bill per hour to cover admin and supervisory oversight to ensure quality of service delivery. The per-hour rate is $250.00 /hr BBD ($125.00 /hr USD). Service is billed based on what is required to be paid to the affiliate  (Plumber, Carpenter, etc). A quote will be supplied to the property owner for approval before the commencement of works. 

Services that are offered by On Eagles Wings Inc. are delivered by Business Professionals that have an Eagle Eye for Quality 

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