To my fellow Barbadians, let us Do Right.
Our country Barbados is under the foot of an ignored Elephant called corruption. Today, let us come together to get this evil off of our backs. Let us choose the path of integrity and inspire each other to do right by one another. In this brief journey called life, most resort to deception and corruption to get by, but we must rise above this evil. Corruption corrodes societies from within, eroding trust and forcing us to constantly watch our backs. Instead, let’s foster a community where support and upliftment prevail; also called righteousness. By doing right by one another, we collectively create a positive environment where everyone can thrive. Let our actions be a testament to the strength of our integrity. Together, we can build a better, more trusting world, a better Barbados.



Responsive YouTube Video

1. This video explains what corruption is and what it does. (2:54)