Our world is changing quickly and we must reposition ourselves to meet these changes (watch Presentation No. 8). The information on this page will give you a better understanding of the financial landscape and how best to play it correctly.

What should we consider doing at this time? 
a. Converting 60% of our cash into gold and silver – see presentation 6.

b. Buying and opening a Russian bank account and start saving in rubles (it is linked to gold).

c. Buying and opening an African bank account and start saving in the Unified Currency (a need to wait until it is in place) – see presentation 3.

d. Buying and opening a BRICS bank account and start saving in that Currency (a need to wait until it is in place) – see presentation 7.

e. If you own crypto, dump it and exchange it for something tangible (gold/silver) – see presentation 2.

f. Stay away from the programmable slave-making CBDC economy – Do your research.

For “b”, “c” and “d” only consider if your intention is to travel to these countries. The way things are going, we may have to move. We are to find out if we can trade by a card internationally if we have savings on these foreign accounts (as we can do with a US account). Moving away from Master and Visa is a serious consideration. VERIFICATION needed: We need to check if Russia and or the African nations will be adopting the CBDC program in the near future (did they sign on)

The information that is being put together on this page is all new. We are learning as we fly, and we encourage you to come back as we grow in our understanding.  

1. The Difference Between Money and Currency Simply Explained. In this video, it helps us understand what we were not taught in school (23:50)

2. Why I’ll NEVER Invest in Cryptocurrency (15:54)

3. East African single currency set to revolutionize (4:55)

4. How a foreign enterprise can open up an account in a Russian bank? (8:30)

5. How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in One Day (7:53)

6. Where to Buy Gold and Silver; Online Dealers Ranked? (13:09)

1oz Silver Eagles (Red Lid) by OnFireGuy capsules:

7. Understanding what is happening with our money (11:32)

8. Understanding what is happening to our money with Kirk Elliott PhD (18:50)

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