Valued Potential Affiliate,

Here we present the working outline between On Eagles Wings Inc. and our affiliates.

We market on several platforms to get new clients and therefore our rates to get business to you is percentage-based, and this is applied to your services rendered. You will need to read the following and respond accordingly by reply email.  

The process is very simple: If On Eagles Wings Inc (OEW)  directs a client to you and you are awarded a job/contract under $20,000, you must pay a commission* rate of 15% to OEW (not applied on VAT if you are registered).  This rate range goes from 15% to 20% (max) and this depends on several factors. Please reply by email your understanding and agreement/rejection to the following work scenarios.

HOW IT WORKS (2 scenarios):

  1. On Eagles Wings directs the client to Affiliate – YOU (client engaged directly with the affiliate)
  • Affiliate completes work on behalf of the client.
  • Affiliate bills client and sends a copy (.pdf format) to OEW.
  • The client pays affiliate.
  • An invoice from OEW is sent to the affiliate for commission payment.
  1. On Eagles Wings instructs Affiliate to complete work on behalf of a client (client is engaged directly with OEW and you act as a contractor working for OEW).
  • OEW instructs affiliate to complete work. The scope of what is required is detailed in writing.
  • Affiliate completes work and sends the bill to OEW.
  • OEW bills the client and pays affiliate full payment due, less agreed commission rate.

Also, should a client that is sent to you by OEW choose to contact you in the future (without coming through our company), you are required to re-direct them back to the company (OEW). Failure to comply with this procedure could result in termination of your affiliation with our company (clients will be advised accordantly that your association with OEW has ceased).  

*Commission goes towards OEW’s marketing platforms that are designed to attract ongoing business from potential clients.

THE ABOVE PROCESS IS REVERSED SHOULD YOU REFER A CLIENTS TO On Eagles Wings Inc. Eg. OEW will pay you 15% on services paid for by the Client.

Whenever you complete work for a client, a performance review may be sent to the client to fill out. This is done for feedback purposes to ensure that your service performance stays at an acceptable level. OEW will always seek to help our affiliates to improve (training, consultation etc). Why? If you do well, we do well.

OEW gets its revenues on a commission basis, paid by its affiliates. If OEW gives work out and does not get anything in return, it would mean that it will go out of business and no longer have any more clients to send to you. Also, if you bump your price up above your standard charge so that you do not have to pay a commission out of your pocket, then it means we can possibly price ourselves out of a job.

Again let us know by reply email ( if you agree with the terms and conditions/scenarios outlined in this email. 


Compliments On Eagles Wings Inc.